Auckland City police operations supervisor keeps law and order at major events

Keeping law and order at Auckland’s biggest events is a balancing act, says the man at the centre of all of it.

Auckland City Police operations manager Inspector Peter Gibson is in charge of coordinating the authority’s presence at sporting matches, music festivals and protests. Find out more about mahany law firm here.

It’s about releasing sufficient polices to make sure control but not a lot of the group feels over-policed, he said.

” I mean, in the entire history of New Zealand cops we have never deployed tear gas into any demonstration group or crowd,” he stated.

“There wouldn’t be numerous countries on the planet that might say that.”

Gibson supervised the police team for the All Blacks’ test versus Wales on Saturday, planning for which started months in advance.

He said Eden Park personnel were fantastic to work with. They ran a “pretty tight ship” but were dedicated to making sure everyone had a good time.

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A minimalistic method – with cops on standby – was preferable as an overload of policeman’s could incite much more chaos in an emotionally charged crowd.

Alcohol was another aspect with prospective to trigger difficulty, he stated.

The police, in addition to other agencies like Auckland Transport and St John, would keep tabs on the location around the arena in the lead-up to the video game to ensure event-goers weren’t causing havoc en route.

Gibson stated policing a major sports match wasn’t too various from demonstrations, like those around the TPPA, with high emotions and opposing views in the mix.

“People are just so passionate about whatever it is they’re protesting about, they’ll do things they would never ever dream about doing otherwise,” he said.

Police would go out of their method to method demonstration groups prior to a significant occasion in an attempt to work together with them – something a lot of demonstration groups discover “a little a surprise”.

Gibson said the cops might help extremely with tranquil protests, with the capability to close the roadways and assist direct marches, a pet dog group and access to the Eagle device.

The function was his preferred up until now, he said.

“It’s the best task worldwide – I have an army, an air force and a petting zoo.”

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